Workshop at AVI Conference

This workshop on Visual Interface Design Methods will be held at the International Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces (AVI 2020) on the Island of Ischia in Italy on Monday, 28 September 2020.


The workshop will take place in hybrid format with possibility to attend virtually worldwide and in person at the AVI conference. Participation is possible after registering at least for the workshops at the main conference (see registration page). Please contact the workshop organizers for information on how to attend virtually and bring a device connected to the internet when attending physically to participate in the hands-on activities.


UPDATE 25.05.2020 – The organizers of the main conference have updated the schedule for the early registration. Hence, we have adapted our workshop deadlines accordingly. Thank you for all contributions so far, you will now have enough time to update your submissions with the latest content prior to the conference. We still accept updated versions of your work and novel submissions until 17 July 2020!

UPDATE 09.04.2020 – We have updated our submission deadlines. Please submit your papers until 24 May 2020! We are looking forward to your contributions.

UPDATE 01.04.2020 – The organizers of the main conference have decided based on the currently dramatic situation resulting from the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, to postpone AVI 2020 until September 28 – October 2, 2020. We also have extended the deadlines for the workshop submissions and will likely add another extension so that you can include new research that might happen before the postponed conference. Please continue to work on your papers. We would be glad to be alerted about any planned papers, so please contact us informally. We will post updates with any new information that we get. Please also check for updates on the website of the main conference.

Workshop Topics

Currently, both understanding and developing interactive visual interfaces become ever more challenging, since different visual solutions exist that involve large interdisciplinary teams and deal with massive amounts of data, a wide range of interaction techniques, and domain-specific aspects. At the same time, traditional design methods become obsolete with more and more resources and knowledge that needs to be acquired. The proposed workshop provides a forum for discussing experimental and theoretical techniques, frameworks, and prototyping methods to design visual interfaces in different domains such as data visualization, tangible and embedded interaction, extended and mixed reality, multi-modal interfaces, and others.

Topics of Interest

  • Requirement analysis and structuring of domain problems for visual interface design
  • Best practices and design patterns for communicating design solutions
  • Experience and interactive prototyping techniques and tools
  • Interdisciplinary, collaborative, and creative approaches
  • Teaching design of visual interfaces to diverse audiences (novices or experts, in academy or industry, designers or programmers)
  • Exploring design spaces for visual interfaces 
  • Establishing a common language between different practitioners
  • Disseminating data visualization literacy
  • Applying design methods for visual interfaces using online settings